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As your locally-owned utility, our employees are our most valuable asset. In order to provide safe, efficient and reliable service to our customers, we will continue to put employee safety at the... More

At the end of April our Water Department will be flushing the distribution system to allow us to continue providing you with quality water on tap!... More

There are easy and low cost ways to reduce energy use on the things you use every day.  Make sure all computers are set to go into sleep mode when not in use.  Or, better yet, plug your computers... More

Take action now to protect your pipes from freezing and making unnecessary problems in your home.

1. Check outside spigots, make sure hoses are disconnected, and if possible shut spigots... More

Before the cold of winter sets in maintain your heating system and schedule an annual maintenance check-up with a qualified contractor. Be sure to replace furnace filters regularly according to... More