Pay Your Bill

NEW from Focus on Energy!! SMART THERMOSTAT $75 Cash-Back Reward from Focus on Energy for qualifying models.  You can save up to $170 a year on your energy bill so that means your new digital friend can pay for itself in less than two years. The pilot program funds are limited and expect they will be exhausted by March 31,2016.

What makes it so smart?  The first great energy-saving thing about a smart thermostat is how is lowers the temperature when you're not at home and brings it back up right before you walk in the door.  You save energy and money without sacrificing even a tiny bit of comfort.  Some models can even learn your preferences over time and make meaningful adjustments all on their own.  Many smart thermostats can also provide feedback on your energy use, so you have a sense of how different temperature settings might show up on your energy bill.  That's powerful knowledge.  Plus, they can all be controlled remotely with online apps.

Visit Focus on Energy Smart Thermostats for details on the program and qualifying models. 

New London Utilities has implemented new electric and water rates effective October 1, 2015. Click Here for an updated rate information sheet.